Coding Club

July 16, 2015 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm   IEEE event

A coding competition was organized by the coding club of SEAS -AU which comes under the hood of Ahmedabad University Student Branch of IEEE. The event was conducted in the computer lab at SEAS -AU. There were 32 participants in the event. The event was free for IEEE members and for non IEEE members there was a fee of Rs 20. The participants were given 3 problems to solve in 2 hours. The problems were taken from Participants were ranked on the total points earned and the time taken to solve problem. The winners of the event were Kunjan Patel and Sohum Shah from B.Tech. ICT batch of 2012-16. A discussion session was organized for discussing the logic of these 3 problems after the competition. This was a perfect example of compete and learn.

This is an initiative to prepare Ahmedabad University students for participating in national and international coding challenges.

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