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BTech Programmes 2017

Please check back on this page for information about enrollments for the academic year 2018-19. For the year 2017, the intake in the undergraduate programmes of School of Engineering and Applied Science of Ahmedabad University was:

No Programme 50% Seats(ACPC) 35% Seats(JEE) 15% Seats( NRI / NRI Sponsored) Total Seats
  1 Information and Communication Technology (ICT)     45      32             13    90
  2 Mechanical Engineering     23      16



  3 Chemical Engineering     15      11              4



Please click here to download Admission Leaflet of SEAS - AU

Please click here to download Information Brochure of SEAS - AU

For admissions in the all-India JEE Main category and NRI / NRI-sponsored categories, please click here: