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Mechanical Engineering Labs


CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) is one such versatile machine, of Carl Zeiss make, has been installed recently in our new workshop.  It can precisely  measure  the linear dimensions in all three axes of a complex object to the tune of 0.002 mm and can also check tolerances of all forms and  positions  ie. Geometrical tolerances of different characteristics in a short time and can save the measured data online on computer.                               

The workshop is also equipped with fabrication set up comprising welding equipment  such as Arc welding machine, MIG welding machine, TIG welding machine and a plasma cutter (to cut profiles accurately), thus gearing up for fabrication of all types of welding processes and for welding

different engineering materials.  Procurement of VMC, hydraulic press, grinding machines and testing machines is also in the pipeline to make it a unique hub for machining and fabrication.



Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics is one of the fundamental course for chemical and mechanical engineering students. The laboratory instruments are manufactured by GUNT Germany, reputed international company that complements the lecture course is vital to an effective presentation of the material. It is therefore prudent to provide meaningful experiments that stimulate student interest in the fluid mechanics laboratory. This lab provides knowledge of various flow patterns, flow measuring devices and pumps. Some of the major experiments are: Hydraulic Bench to determine volumetric flow rate , Bernoulli's Principle, Osborne Reynolds Experiment, Horizontal outflow from openings, Pipe friction for laminar and Turbulent flow, Cavitation Demonstrator, Centrifugal Pump, Series/Parallel Connected Pumps, Measurement of jet apparatus.