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School of Engineering and Applied Science aims to provide a broad and application-oriented education, thereby laying a strong foundation for our students to solve real world problems and acquire better decision making skills. SEAS offers courses which are a right blend of knowledge and skills which ensures that our students have a successful career in their lives.  



Our programmes include undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies in the fields of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Our curriculum provides a broad education to the engineers of tomorrow with the right proportions of strong foundations such as natural sciences, humanities and social sciences.


Project Based Learning

Ahmedabad University and Olin College of Engineering today announced that they have formed a partnership to promote educational innovation. The partnership includes a faculty exchange program aimed at integrating project-based learning and design thinking into the engineering curriculum at Ahmedabad University, thus offering a new model for education in India.



The SEAS Library looks forward to provide all its users with a cordial and scholarly environment, promoting resource exploration and learning, access to well-managed and focused library collection with the assistance of committed staff. Our clear Use & Conduct Policies are intended to ensure a productive environment for study and research for all users. The policy guidelines have been framed to enable a stoic, learning and exploring environment for all who will use the library.