IT Infrastructure


State-of-the-Art IT infrastructure at the school includes:

•    Cloud Campus
    –Virtualized Cloud Servers
    –Thin Clients – Virtual Desktops
•    Wi-fi Campus
    – Seamless and secure network and 24*7 high speed Internet access
•    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
    – Classroom cum Lab Environment
    – Students/Faculty bring their own device
•    E-learning and Learning Management System (LMS-Moodle) – 24 * 7 access
•    Research Laboratories – Part of the teaching laboratories
•    Mobile App Development Lab
•    IBM Rational Software Engineering Lab
•    Distributed Computing Lab
•    Enterprise Application Development Lab
•    Open Source Technology Lab




Class Rooms:

The school has spacious and air-conditioned classrooms with modern AV systems and Wi-Fi network access.



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