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Academic System & Evaluation

  • Extensive lecture sessions, practical lab experiments, collaborative team assignments, interactive seminars and Industrial visits, Summer projects and Industry Internships.
  • Continuous evaluation system - A regular system of appraisal to monitor student performance through various modes of assessment
  • Online, Theory and practical examination 
  • Quiz, Class Participation and Attendance
  • Term work submission and Projects
  • E-learning – Use of online courses  and Learning Management System – Moodle 

Course Structure  


  • Five Years Integrated MCA Programme (after HSC) leading to, Bachelors degree in Computer Applications (BCA) and Masters degree in Computer Applications (iMCA)
  • MCA Programme (after Graduation) – 2 years (with lateral entry in Second year) for BCA, B.Sc.(IT/CS) candidates.


Air Launcher: Mr. Rohan Bhatt, MCA student,  developed and copyrighted Air Launcher Android App. Air Launcher allows you to open an application just by waving the phone in air or in simple words drawing the 1st capital alphabet of that application in mid air with your phone. He is awarded A Person to Watch Out trend setter award for Innovative Approach by Gujarat Innovation Society, Govt. of Gujarat on 15th April, 2014.

Skills Developement

The academic curriculum has below components:

  • Foundation Courses: Computer science, IT, Business management, Mathematics
  • Core Compulsory Courses: covers domain of  computer science and IT - Systems, Technology and Applications courses
  • Major Specialization and Minor Specialization
  • General Elective and Interdisciplinary Courses
  • System Development Project
  • Summer Internships and Industry Internships 

Oracle Academy Institutional Member

  • The right to use Oracle’s industry-leading software in classrooms for teaching and not-for-profit, academic, course- and degree-related research.
  • Granted a license for a variety of Oracle technology software programs, and
  • Receive a license for a large number of Oracle Applications programs

IT Infrastructure

  • Mobile App Development Lab
  • IBM Rational Software Engineering Lab
  • Distributed Computing Lab
  • Enterprise Application Development Lab
  • Open Source Technology Lab
  • State-of-the art APPLE Technology Computer Lab with 60+ Apple devices for hand-on practicals and for development of industry projects under guidance of experts.