Alumni Details

MCA alumni members are working at leading positions (technology and managerial) with IT companies in more than 23 countries.

Some MCAs have started their own ventures and are successful technology/business entrepreneurs.

AESICS-Alumni Association and Alumni members actively help in - MCA Project placements, Industry Internships, Career and Technical counseling, Curriculum revision and Knowledge sharing activities.

Dr. Aditya Patel, Asst. Professor & Coordinator of Alumni Association 
Contact:,, (079)26467760

Governing Council of AESICS Alumni Association

• Chairman: Prof. Bipin V. Mehta, Associate Dean, School of Computer Studies, Ahmedabad University

• Vice-Chairman: Faculty members, AES Institute of Computer Studies

– Dr. Aditya Patel 
– Prof. Heena Timani
– Prof. Shefali Naik
– Dr. Sandeep Vasant

• Office Bearers 

– President: Mr. Bhaumik Shah
– Vice President: Mr. Harshal Shah
– Hon. Secretary: Mr. Viral Shah
– Hon. Jt. Secretary: Mr. Darshan Kansara
– Hon. Treasurer: Mr. Chirag Darji
– Hon. Jt. Trasurer: Mr. Rushang Shah
– IT Coordinator: Mr. Trushen Doshi


AESICS Alumni meet was organized on 8th January 2016 by AESICS Alumni Association and AES Institute of Computer studies, Ahmedabad University. The alumni meet received very good response and participation from MCA/BCA alumni members of different batches with 250+ participants. The Alumni meet was inaugurated by Prof. Pankaj Chandra, Chairman, Board of Management and Provost, Ahmedabad University, Shri B M Shah, Registrar, Ahmedabad University, Prof. Bipin Mehta, Associate Dean, School of Computer Studies, Ahmedabad University and invited guests - Shri. Yamalbhai Vyas, President, Chartered Accountants Association, Ahmedabad, Dr. Mahaveer Goleccha, renowned scientist and recipient of Alzheimer’s Young Investigator Scholarship Award and Shri Pavan Bakeri, Managing Director, Bakeri Group. Office bearers of AESICS Alumni Association were felicitated with plaque and badge by Prof. Bipin Mehta and faculty members of AESICS for their efforts and contribution. Mr. Harshal Shah, Vice president, AESICS Alumni Association gave a presentation on various activities and initiatives undertaken by AESICS Alumni Association. A demo of Almashines Alumni networking portal was also organized during the meet. AESICS Alumni Association launched the first edition of Alumni newsletter during the event. The formal alumni function was followed by batch reunion, get-together among alumni members and networking dinner.


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