Preferred Mode Of Retail Banking Transactions – Offline, Online Or Mobile

Bijal Mehta ; Jinal Parikh


With the demonetization drive that took place in November 2016 at India, several situations changed for the Indian market. Cash was no longer king and as people waited outside  ATMs to withdraw cash, a different but pioneering surge of  adoption to digital payment solutions took place. People from all social and financial backgrounds attempted to tide over the cash shortage and debit cards, e-wallets and other digital platforms became the need of the hour for financial transactions.  While banks fully supported customers that were in need of cash, there was also a surge in people using online and digital payments. One this was certain, the cashless transaction drive was here to stay. What remained to be explored, however, was whether despite the surge, would customers prefer using those for financial transactions or would they still prefer the offline mode? An exploratory study is conducted and findings are indicated. Scope for further empirical research is revealed with Hypothesis generated based on the insights from the present study.


Demonetization, retail banking, online banking, Internet, India

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