Intrusion Detection In Wireless Network Using Bios And Motherboard Serial Number

Hiral P Vegda


The increase in use of wireless   network   has   changed   the   view   of   network   security.   The   wireless   network   is   particularly   susceptible   due   to   its   cooperative   algorithms,   features   of   open   medium,   dynamic   changing   topology, lack   of   centralized   monitoring   and   a   clear   line   of   protection.   The   traditional   way   of   protecting   wireless networks   with   firewalls   and   encryption   software   is   not enough.   The current trend in wireless security shows that new types of attacks are evolving at a fast rate and as   many   intrusion   detection   techniques   have   been   developed   on   fixed   wired   networks   but   have   been   turned   to   be   inapplicable   in   this   new   environment so, we   need   to   search   for   new   architecture   and   mechanisms   to   protect   wireless   networks   and   mobile   computing   applications.  This paper firstly indicates the history of intrusion detection, then the problem in using MAC address as unique identification and then how BIOS, motherboard serial number can be used for intrusion detection.


Wireless Network, Intrusion Detection, MAC (Media Access Control) Spoofing, BIOS (Basic Input Output System) Filtering, Motherboard Serial Number.

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