ICT Model For Clean India Mission

Aditya Patel
aditya.patel@ahduni.edu.in SCHOOL OF COMPUTER STUDIES


Cleanliness in towns and cities of India is major societal/governance issue. Govt. of India has launched Clean India Mission to address cleanliness related problems in towns and cities of India and achieve the vision of clean India by 2019. To achieve the mission at mass scale, there is a need for coordination and communication between citizens and government authorities. ICT and mobile computing has great potential to provide connection between citizens and facilitate collaboration of citizens with government authorities. We have studied existing and related systems with their limitations. To address the problem, ICT based model using mobile computing has been proposed which will facilitate citizens to take photos of unclean spots using their mobile phones and report them to concerned government authorities of respective city locality. The ICT model aims to bring positive change in relationship between people and government by serving as a bridge between citizens and government authority to raise awareness, connect and collaborate with each other. The stakeholders in the proposed model framework are citizens of the country, NGO’s, government authority, news and media agency and administrator. A prototype of the model and system design is under development.


Clean India mission, Information and Communication Technology, E-Governance, Geo Tagging, Social Media

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