Heritage Management For Sustainable Development: Transformative Pedagogy For The Masters Degree Programme In Heritage Management At Ahmedabad University

Neel Kamal Chapagain
neel.kamal@ahduni.edu.in AMRUT MODY SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT


Sustainable Development (SD) discourse has recognized ‘culture’ as one of the three pillars – the other two being economics and environment. While the latter two have been significantly explored and integrated into the SD framework, the understanding of culture has mostly been superficial, and its integration has not been adequately achieved. One of the effective ways of integrating ‘culture’ into SD discourse is the emphasis on cultural heritage in overall educational paradigm. This can be done both through integration into early education as well as professional level higher education.
This paper introduces the programme design philosophy and pedagogic approach adopted in the recently launched Masters degree programme in Heritage Management at the Ahmedabad University as an example of potential strategic contribution to the  ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) initiative of the United Nations.


Heritage Management Sustainable Development Education Transformative Pedagogy Experiential learning

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