Gauging Underdog Entrepreneurship For Disabled Entrepreneurs

Rushi Pandya, Siddhartha Saxena


In the last decade, entrepreneurship research has evolved in many diverse areas with the contribution of different scholars but there is a lack of studies available focused on entrepreneurship for disabled. The objective of the research is to understand differently abled entrepreneurs and the role of challenges due to disability as enablers in taking up entrepreneurship. The research is based on ‘Underdog Entrepreneurs: Challenge based Entrepreneurship Model’ by Danny Miller and Isabelle Le Breton-Miller (2017). This study includes in-depth study of eight cases of disabled entrepreneurs from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Findings indicate that disabled entrepreneurs are resilient and persistent while dealing with the challenges of failure, stress and uncertainty since the early age. Difficult conditions and experiences of discrimination indirectly prepares them for tackling with the challenging situations while pursuing entrepreneurship. Adaptive behavior, social skills and networking behavior play critical roles in the success of disabled entrepreneurs.


Disabled Entrepreneurs, Challenges, Disability, Entrepreneurship, Rehabilitation

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