Automated Random Question Paper Generation Based On Multiple Constraints

Sandeep Vasant


The objective of this research paper is to design a framework which generates an automated random question paper based on multiple constraints which can be used by central examination department of any University or Institute. This framework includes various functionalities such as User, Subject, Question Entry (MCQ, Short, Long, Descriptive, Image Based, True/False) Administration. It also facilitates modules such as Question Paper generation and management. The algorithm implemented in this research work performs the analysis and generates the random question paper with high possibility of success. Using this algorithm, paper generator has to select the various parameters such as template, total marks, difficulty level with percentage (High, Moderate, Low), number of sections with questions and sub questions and previous number of years to avoid being the same question asked in earlier examination. With these parameters, system will generate the random question paper with Microsoft Word and PDF interface for further examination process. For the implementation purpose, HTML5 used for interface design, business logic written in PHP server side technology and for database management MYSQL server is used.


Automatic Test Paper Generation, Multiple Constraints, Randomization, Academic Administration, Examination

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