Analysis And Implementation Of Cryptographic Algorithms For Data Security

Kuntal Patel


Many organizations depend on computer network based applications for their day-to-day activities. Use of the Internet becomes more central among many governmental agencies, corporate and among individuals. The value of digital data stored on such system is growing significantly. Any networked based applications are susceptible to attacks. In addition, due to the rapid growth of digital communication and electronic data exchange, security of data, applications and related resources becomes crucial issue for the users of information systems.
Many cryptographic algorithms are available to provide security in networked based systems. This research explains how some of the cryptographic mechanisms can be useful to enhance data security in the information systems. The main objective of research is to analyze the performance of symmetric and asymmetric key cryptographic algorithms for providing security to critical data of the systems. Based on literature review and analytical results, selected algorithms will be implemented to test its actual performance.


Data Security, Cryptography, Encryption, Symmetric key, Asymmetric key, Active and Passive Attacks

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