Introduction to Indian Philosophy

Course Abstract


In this fiercely competitive world where practical concerns reign supreme and theoretical ideals seem increasingly implausible, does the study of philosophy have anything to contribute? What, in fact, does one study when one studies philosophy? Moreover, India - one is told repeatedly - is amongst the most ancient of civilisations. Has the Indian civilisation then contributed anything to humanity’s philosophical pursuits?

This course, intended primarily for a non-academic audience, introduces participants to the academic study of Philosophy in general and to the discipline known as Indian Philosophy in particular. Journeying across an intellectual heritage of over two millennia, participants will not only learn of pivotal ideas which have been (and remain) foundational for the Indian civilisation but will also learn to bring some of these timeless concerns of mankind into their own everyday lives. The course will thus seek to demonstrate the paramount importance of the need for philosophical reflection, and in doing so, the perils of ‘the unexamined life’ in our increasingly ruthless society.

Duration: 8 weeks
Frequency: Every Friday from April 8, 6 pm - 7:30 pm
Format: Interactive Lectures
Pre-requisite: None
Level: Introductory
Fees: INR 6000 + GST

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