Self Defense Workshop

To empower female students and staff members of AU through some quick tricks to defend themselves, SSETU conducted a workshop on December 9, 2014 on “Self-defense and Police Heart”, an initiative of Ahmedabad Police at PGIM from 4pm – 6pm. This workshop was free of cost and was conducted under the “Suraksha Setu” programme of Ahmedabad Police.

Yoga Camp @ AU

For the well-being of Mind, Body & Soul, SSETU organized Yoga Camp for AU Students, Staff & Faculty Members at BKMIBA. Camp commenced on 8th December and concluded on 19th December. The sessions were held for one hour in the morning from 8am-9am on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. The instructor, Mr. Chandrabhanu Bhattacharya is a highly experienced and qualified yoga Guru.

Elocution Competition

SSETU coordinated an Elocution Competition on topic “Impact of UK in various fields in India” for AU students on November 22, 2014. This was organized exclusively for AU by the Association of British Scholars (ABS) at School of Computer Studies. Eight students from AU participated in this competition.

Soft Skills Training

SSETU coordinated day-long workshops on Soft Skills for AU students on 17th & 18th October, 2014 on "English Language Competency" and "Personality Development", respectively. The trainer is highly experienced and competent and was carefully chosen for this purpose.

Gender Sensitization Workshop For AU Students

A day-long workshop on Gender Sensitization was organized for all AU students, as an activity under SSETU on September 30, 2014 at BKMIBA. The workshop was conducted by Prof. Rebecca Sudan, Prof. Chirag Trivedi and supported by Prof. Amrita Bihani.

Another Gender Sensitization Workshop was conducted by SSETU’s counsellor, Ms. Kalpana Pareek at ILS on October 15, 2014. The attendance was large and the feedback was positive.

The workshops included games that introduced students to the concepts of gender and sexuality, highlighting concerns and issues of both genders. The students were also engaged in role play that highlighted stereotypes with regard to Gender.

A Talk On "Study In Canada"

SSETU organized a talk on Study in Canada conducted by Australian Senior Trade Commissioner for Western India, Mr. Mark Scullion, who is based in the Consulate of Canada in Mumbai on Wednesday, September 24, 2014. The programme was hosted by the SSETU team at BKMIBA in the Institute’s Assembly Hall. The talk was attended by approximately 50 students from all AU Programmes. The interactive session gave students an opportunity to have their queries answered about education in Canadian Universities after their Graduation.

Talk By Dr. Riddhi Shukla On Anemia

Dr. Riddhi Shukla, the gynecologist associated with SSETU, delivered a talk on “Anemia” for the AU students on August 28, 2014 at HLIC and on September 12, 2014 at ILS. With hectic schedule of the students and a fast paced life, people usually fail to pay attention to the minor changes and problems their bodies face. The session focused in detail on the Anemia’s meaning, causes, symptoms and prevention. It focused on the importance of the correct type of food to be taken.

Early Detection of Cancer in Women - a talk by Dr. Riddhi Shukla

Dr. Riddhi Shukla, the gynecologist associated with SSETU, delivered a talk on "Early Detection of Cancer in Women" for the lady staff members of Ahmedabad University and AES on April 24, 2014.

SSETU E-Connect - A new initiative to reach out to students

SSETU E-Connect – Students may hesitate to approach the doctor, particularly the gynecologist. Or they may have niggling doubts or questions which may not merit a visit to a doctor from their point of view. They can write to the doctor an e-mail on this id: and receive a response within 24 hours.

This scheme was launched on 28th February, on the concluding day of the Foundation Week celebrations.

Yoga Camp at BKMIBA

SSETU offered yoga classes to AU students and the first such camp for beginners was held at BKMIBA. It commenced on the 27th of January and the classes were held on alternate days, spread over the next two weeks. The instructor, Mr. Chandrabhanu Bhattacharya is a highly experienced and qualified yoga Guru. The sessions were very beneficial for all participants. The collective appreciation (below) is reflective of the joy and knowledge that they all received.

"The session at BKMIBA was an eye opener for many. Surprisingly, the level of connectivity that the students experienced with the yoga Guruji was higher than they would have ever imagined. It was like any other lecture full of theory and practice, jokes and evergreen knowledge. The mutual feeling among all those who attended the session was that it was worth every moment and money that was invested into it. The way the day went for the students after the first yoga session was an incentive enough to give up their winter sleep and spend the rest of their morning awakening in the real sense. The Guruji would continue to take the classes for one hour after the official time got over. Students impressed by the Guruji’s commitment would also give their best. Guruji positioned yoga very strongly in the minds of students triggering them to be ‘awake’ every morning for the rest of their life."

More such camps will be organized at other campuses from time to time, depending on the enthusiasm for participation displayed by the students.

AIDS Awareness Programme

SSETU organized an AIDS Awareness Programme in collaboration with Care Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS) Hospital at HLICA. The session was conducted by Dr. Surabhi Madan from CIMS on 4th December, 2013. She started by getting the students to fill up a questionnaire about their existing awareness of AIDS. Then she made a presentation which was very informative. Over 100 students and some staff members attended the session. The students made it interactive by posing a lot of queries.

Appreciation by Indian Red Cross Society

The Indian Red Cross Society, as a token of appreciation, felicitated AU's Provost for the committed services rendered towards Red Cross Thalassemia Prevention Programme. The citation was personally received by Director & Head SSETU, (Mrs.) H.D. Trivedi on his behalf during IRCS's Annual General Meeting on October 26th, 2013.

Director of SSETU receiving IRCS Citation

Thalassemia Screening

With the support of Indian Red Cross Society, SSETU organized Thalassemia Screening for the final year students across all programs. Thalassemia minor can be detected by a simple blood test. IRCS provides this facility at subsidized cost to the students. However, Ahmedabad University extended this facility to all final year students free of cost and recommended that all affiliated colleges make it mandatory for students to undergo this screening. It is medically strongly recommended. More than 850 students underwent this screening.

Blood Donation Camp

On Teacher’s Day, Blood Donation camp was organized in collaboration with the Red Cross Society. 150 students and faculty members donated blood.

Mind Mapping Workshop

A workshop on MIND MAPPING was conducted by our counsellor, Ms. Kalpana Pareek for separate batches of students at different colleges. It was an interactive session and the students participated enthusiastically. In all, 103 students attended it.

Talk by Dr. Riddhi Shukla

Dr. Riddhi Shukla, the gynecologist associated with SSETU, delivered a talk for the girl students addressing their common concerns. The students responded very well and felt comfortable asking questions and clearing their doubts. 75 students benefitted by attending this lecture.

Basic Health Checkup

Our first year students are being given a basic health checkup at SSETU by Dr. Achyut Desai. So far more than 600 students have been covered. Those requiring additional medical consultation are being guided appropriately.

Studying in US

Ms. Namita Biggins, Vice Consul, US Consulate, Mumbai, spoke to the students about "Studying in US". 106 students attended this talk. It ended with a round of queries from about 15 students.