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Health Services

  • Free Medical Consultations – A Senior Consulting Physician who has also specialised in Gynaecology, Dr. Gayatri Raval visits from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 3 pm. Students are free to walk in for free consultation. The Medical Room at SSETU is actively involved in rendering medical consultation to students and staff who walk in to see Dr. Raval. Since inception in 2013, nearly 3400 students and staff have visited SSETU for free walk-in medical consultations.

  • Mandatory free Primary Health Check-up – Nearly 7200 students have undergone this. Early detection of health issues has helped.

  • Thalassemia Screening – As per the recommendation of the state government, Thalassemia Screening has been undertaken by the University in collaboration with the Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS). SSETU has coordinated screening of all final year students, across all Programmes. More than 4900 students have been screened since 2013.

  • Blood Donation Units – SSETU supports IRCS in organising Blood Donation camps across all the campuses. Students participate enthusiastically. So far over 2000 units of blood have been donated.

  • Talks – Talks on youth related health topics by experts are also a way of reaching out to our students. Other than that, talks specifically for lady staff are also conducted.

  • Health Campaigns – Campaigns for general health awareness and those that benefit lady staff members have also been organised.

  • Yoga – Camps are organised regularly for staff, faculty and students. We also participate enthusiastically in the International Yoga Day celebrations.

  • SSETU E-Connect Program – SSETU E-Connect – Students may hesitate to approach the doctor, more so for gynaecology related issues. Or they may have niggling doubts or questions which may not merit a visit to a doctor from their point of view. Thence, students can email to the doctor on: and receive a response within one working day.

SSETU Activity Highlights 2013-19

  1. Nearly 3400 free walk-in medical consultations.
  2. Over 650 walk-ins for personal counselling.
  3. Nearly 1100 online counselling since October, 2017.
  4. Nearly 7200 students received primary health check-up.
  5. Over 4900 students underwent Thalassemia screening.
  6. Nearly 2100 units of blood donated by Ahmedabad University students.
  7. Over 1300 walk-ins for general enquiries.
  8. Over 125 Talks & Workshops conducted.
  9. Awareness campaign for vital student-related issues.
  10. Students regularly avail SSETU services.

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