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The Nalanda launched at Ahmedabad University

The Nalanda launched at Ahmedabad University
July 24, 2016 Student Life

The Nalanda is a multi-disciplinary, multi-programme, student driven, aspirational platform to explore the realm of ideas triggered by live interaction with invited speakers. The first interaction took place on 24th July with leading IT Industry Innovator and Co-Founder of Mindtree Ltd., Subroto Bagchi. The Chairman, Board of Management, Professor Pankaj Chandra and Dean of Students, Professor Havovi Trivedi introduced Mr. Bagchi to the audience consisting of select students and faculty. What followed then was an exchange of ideas with the speaker responding to questions posed by the students. The topic was "Purpose Driven Leadership" and many interesting facets and challenges of being a successful leader were discussed.

The Nalanda will be held monthly to provide students with an opportunity to interact with intellectuals and leaders of various domains. Interested students can register for this programme by contacting their respective programme offices.