Biological and Life Sciences Students win C-CAMP Competition

Biological and Life Sciences Students win C-CAMP Competition
March 20, 2018 Academic Achievements

Bhavya Mod, Vaidehi Shah, Nirali Desai and Ruchit Patel, students of Biological and Life Sciences, School of Arts and Sciences, have secured the prize for the Best Product Presentation at the ‘National Life Science Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme’ under BREC - BIRAC Regional Entrepreneurship Centre, established at C-CAMP, IIM Ahmedabad. The prize-winning product is a chip based device which could act as an indicator of a possible cardiac arrest. Any damage to the myocardium (muscle tissue of heart) causes the release of hormone Troponin into the bloodstream. The device has an antibody coated nanopaper which can detect Troponin from a few drops of blood and can give a colourimetric change which then can be quantified into an RGB value using a smartphone camera. The low cost and portability of the device gives quick results and is much more utilitarian than the tedious and expensive laboratory tests.
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