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Our Student Ambassadors are on standby to help you discover more about life at Ahmedabad University.

Student Ambassadors will be available for interaction every Wednesday at the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.

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Vishv Brahmbhatt

Vishv Brahmbhatt

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Class: Fourth Year

High School: HBK, Memnagar, Ahmedabad

Currently Pursuing: Bachelor of Technology in Information and Communication Technology

Student Involvement / Leadership: I have been an active member of core cultural committee of School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2015-2016), and have been a part of planning, executing and managing various cultural events. I have also been an ‘Internshala student partner’ and have represented Internshala at Ahmedabad University.

Favorite thing about Ahmedabad University: The entire idea of Project based learning at Ahmedabad University,,Liberal Education and Independent Study Period fascinate me.

Favorite Place on Campus: The 'Airport' area of the SEAS Campus has been a personal favourite; a multipurpose area which can not only be used for recreation, but you can also work there.

Interesting Fact: I am trained in Shito-ryu Karate

Advice to Prospective Students: At Ahmedabad University, you will get to study in a great atmosphere under highly qualified faculty. You will always have your faculty to guide you and your seniors to help you. Once here, be ready to work hard, learn new things, and enjoy your college life in a true sense.

Akhila Kalesh

Akhila Kalesh

Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Class: Second Year

High School: Kendriya Vidyalaya, Sector-30, Gandhinagar

Currently Pursuing: Bachelor of Business Administration

Student Involvement / Leadership: As a member of Ahmedabad University Dance club and Literary club "Abhivyakt", I have actively participated in various events and competitions like Sangam, IIM Chaos and stood out in Literary Treasure Hunt and in Youthfest. I have also volunteered to be the Student Mitr in Ahmedabad University.

Favorite thing about Ahmedabad University: The ever benevolent and helpful seniors and outstanding faculty members have made our University such a warm and welcoming space, providing us students with innumerable opportunities to learn, evolve and shine.

Favorite Place on Campus: As an absolute bibliophile, the cozy and brimming with books, basement library in the GICT building is my second home and if not in the lectures, one can find me there hidden behind a book!

Interesting Fact: I’m a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and have participated in National level Kho-Kho!

Advice to Prospective Students: Ahmedabad University is the best place for all the inquisitive minds out there. So if you are looking for learning beyond the cramming of books, Ahmedabad University, with its multidisciplinary and project based learning approach is the place you want to be a part of.

Shahbaz Shaikh

Shahbaz Shaikh

Junagadh, Gujarat

Class: Third Year

High School: Carmel Convent High School, Junagadh

Currently Pursuing: Bachelors of Business Administration

Student Involvement / Leadership: I have been involved in most of the sports events that the University has organized. I was given the post of Joint Secretary in the Sports Club in my Second year of BBA. I am also an active member of the Quiz Club.

Favorite thing about Ahmedabad University: Project based approach to learning has been a very new and enriching experience for me to learn subjects practically. The diverse and vivid culture in the university really helps a student to grow holistically in every aspect of his/her life. Also, the faculty support in Ahmedabad University, the ‘ready to serve at any hour of the clock attitude’, is what the students appreciate.

Favorite Place on Campus: The ‘Diwan-E-Aam’ as we call it, the SEAS Courtyard is my favorite place on the campus, and especially, the view after the sun sets is really fascinating.

Interesting Fact: Football is my middle name’ as my friends would like to say. And I am a die-hard Marvel Comics fan.

Advice to Prospective Students: 'Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere'- this shall be an apt statement to keep in mind for the students joining Ahmedabad University. The spirit of learning surely goes a long way and I believe, leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

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