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Learning Initiatives

These are initiatives to further enhance the quality of learning and education of our students. Many of the endeavors are faculty-driven, explore beyond the curricular structure and contribute directly to the comprehensive development of our students.

Independent Study Period

During the Independent Study Period (ISP) in December, the university offers a range of learning opportunities not available during the regular curricular periods of the semesters. Offerings include block courses, studio-inspired experiential courses, courses on perspective and skill building, innovative experiments in learning, programmes that cut across areas and schools, a University Research Programme for Undergraduates, independent study and more. All courses are offered for credit and all students are required to register for a minimum number of credits during the ISP. The ISP period for the academic year 2016 will be from December 12-30, 2016

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Centre for Learning Futures

The Centre for Learning Futures at Ahmedabad University aims at inculcating a culture of collaborative learning. It is an independent centre that facilitates acquisition of knowledge and skills with a focus to improve comprehension of concepts, ideas, world-views, values, and theories. The Centre is also responsible for helping students improve comprehension of course materials and strengthen writing skills.

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The PBL Community

Ahmedabad University implements project-based learning (PBL) as an important methodology for building student capabilities of “how to learn” through practical application. The PBL Community comprises faculty and staff who are implementing project-based learning in their courses. Olin College of Engineering, USA is hosting two faculty members of Ahmedabad University with the kind support of Argosy Foundation. Such visits enable us to implement project-based learning and design thinking as a dominant methodology at Ahmedabad University.

The PBL Community organizes visits for faculty to other organizations where they can learn about novel ways of enhancing the learning capacities of our students. It also supports design and implementation of courses using PBL philosophy at the university.

The University has developed a highly innovative methodology, ENABLE, that allows design and delivery of a project based course.

Undergraduate Research Programme

Through the Undergraduate Research Programme, URP, the university provides several opportunities to students to deeply explore an issue or an idea by either working on it independently, under the supervision of a faculty, or alongside a faculty member in their lab work or research projects. This programme tenders valuable preparation for graduate school and imparts exposure to a research-oriented career. It also provides an opportunity to work closely with a professor.

URP provides supervised research support that under certain conditions is eligible for credit. Contact the Office of Provost for details of the programme, eligibility, and support.

Academic Advising and Tutoring Programme

Ahmedabad University values the role of academic advising in the success of our students and our faculty members play an active role in mentoring students. We are developing a programme where each student is assigned a faculty advisor who will guide them academically, review their performance, and lead them towards meaningful careers. Initially the university will start a voluntary programme and grow it as the faculty strength increases. The Academic Advising and Tutoring Programme, AATP, will also include organizing an Advising Day at each school where advisors will counsel students in their programme requirements, performance and programme direction.

Additionally, the AATP will manage a student-run tutoring programme where senior students tutor their juniors who require academic support. Senior students provide academic support as teaching assistants.


Ahmedabad University has implemented a tutorial programme that facilitates students in resolving academic challenges in small groups. This initiative, as it grows, is aimed at enhancing the quality of learning and promoting a rigorous academic environment at the university. We will endeavor to organize tutorial sessions for every core course and plan for one hour of tutorial for every three-contact hours of teaching.