Karthik Rao Cavale

Karthik Rao Cavale

Assistant Professor

Karthik Rao Cavale has joined the School of Arts and Science, Ahmedabad University, in July 2018. He was a doctoral candidate at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Karthik's research interests include spatial political economy, urban and regional history, and studies of legal and political mobilisation. His doctoral research focuses on the ideological and institutional genealogies of "rurality" as a category in India's developmental regime, based on a careful analysis of the development of rural road infrastructure in southern Tamil Nadu. He has previously conducted research on the role of legal institutions in city planning, street vendor politics, as well on the history of city planning in colonial India. Karthik's prior degrees are in transportation planning (Rutgers) and engineering (IIT Madras).

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