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Interdisciplinary learning enhances professional competence

May 30, 2019     Admissions

Diverse opportunities for holistic growth at Ahmedabad University

April 29, 2019     Academic Achievements

Reimagining Education at Ahmedabad University

March 08, 2019     Admissions

Interdisciplinarity: A core value and a guiding principle

March 07, 2019     Admissions

Project Based Learning: Engagement with context and application of concepts

March 07, 2019     Admissions

The Attributes of the BA in Economics programme at Ahmedabad University

February 20, 2019     Admissions

Key Takeaways from the Master's Programme in Heritage Management - Our Alumni's Take

February 01, 2019     Academic Achievements

Master of Arts in Economics at Ahmedabad University

January 07, 2019     Admissions

Ahmedabad University played host to the IC3 Residency Workshop

December 17, 2018     Workshops

Ashutosh Pandey visits Poland as part of the Student Exchange Programme

November 22, 2018     Academic Achievements

My Journey from Ahmedabad University to Stanford University

June 11, 2018     Academic Achievements

Ahmedabad University Bookstore Film

June 09, 2018     Events

Research at Undergraduate level a way at the Ahmedabad University

April 12, 2018     Research

In conversation with Devdutt Pattanaik

January 30, 2018     Research

The Nalanda: In Conversation with Colonel (Retired) Ajai Sukhla

October 31, 2017     Research
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