Executive Education at Ahmedabad University

Executive Education at Ahmedabad University helps professionals and organisations to adapt themselves to the demands of the digital-age workplace and the lifestyle of the digital-age professional. The workplace has changed; as technology continues to rapidly transform industries and jobs, staying relevant and competitive, requires continuously building completely new skill sets aligned to the digital world. The executive education centre offers degree and post-graduate certificate programmes to working professionals and which are designed to advance participants’ leadership skills and competencies. These learning interventions help professionals to upgrade and progress in their careers while impacting the performance of their organisations they work for. Our programmes help develop the leaders for tomorrow who are equipped with deep domain knowledge coupled with independent and creative decision-making skills, often with a global perspective.

The learning experience from executive education at Ahmedabad University is built on active and engaged learning methodologies, such as knowledge sessions, practices and master class, case studies and business research, strategic simulations, behavioural labs, Socratic methods, live projects and so on. At Ahmedabad University, participants get the advantage to interact with stellar faculty of global repute which is possible in both group settings as well as in one-on-one mentorship contexts. Furthermore, peer interactions and networking are often curated to elevate participants to their next level of development and perspectives. The insights and frameworks that the participants take away, often significantly impact the performance of the organisations they work for and drive growth.

Our customised corporate education programmes emphasise on a blend of business and university along with necessary outcomes-based interventions which help organisations cater to real-world challenges faced by them. Our approach to combine academic rigour and research brings together experienced business professionals and veteran academic experts from across global institutions that provides strategic solutions to organisation leaders for them to lead their organisation forward. We are adept and agile in constructing measurable solutions for organisations across business verticals such as leadership, finance, strategy, marketing, sales, operations, manufacturing, human resources, research, quality and so on.

Significant benefits of the degree and certificate programmes to the organisations:
  • A focused approach to specific strategic issues that lead to business impact
  • Effective cross-functional alignment within the organisation
  • Learnings that can be directly applied to the workplace
  • Improved leadership culture and strong internal networks
  • Enhanced organisational relevance
  • Sharper strategic thinking and translation into action
  • Reinforcement of shared vision, mission and goals
  • Meaningful connections between participants and enhanced networking
  • Improved employee retention
  • Improved employee brand equity for enhanced employer branding

Alumni benefits at Ahmedabad University

The Alumni membership at the Ahmedabad University is offered to a select few Executive Education programmes while the alumni members will be the University's torchbearers across different industries and sectors, evincing independent thinking and compassionate leadership. Ahmedabad University Alumni continue to have an enduring engagement with their alma mater and continues to inspire to further ideate, implement and set examples of triumph over challenges in personal and professional endeavours.

Our alumni are a healthy mix of a younger generation of educated workforce and entrepreneurs along with seasoned, professional leaders from various industries and sectors that bring credible life experience. We believe in ethical and environmental consciousness along with social responsibility and expect our alumni to enable success with an impact to not only businesses but also the global community at large.

Ahmedabad University extends a range of benefits to its alumnus. For further information please write to us at exed@ahduni.edu.in

Dr Kavita Rao

Sr Scientific Manager - R&D
Biocon Ltd.
GEMBA PM (Class of 2021)

CA Anal Shah

Assistant General Manager - Finance and Accounts
Torrent Pharma Ltd.
GEMBA PM (Class of 2021)

Dr Jignesh Kotecha

General Manager - Biopharmaceutics
Torrent Pharma Ltd.
GEMBA PM (Class of 2018)

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