Executive Education at Ahmedabad University

Executive Education at Ahmedabad University aims to facilitate collaboration between the university and its multiple disciplinary schools and centres with the world of practice. The centre aims to offer programmes for working professionals that are designed as timely learning interventions that help them upgrade and progress in their careers while impacting the performance of organizations they work for. The programmes prepare leaders for tomorrow with deep domain knowledge coupled with independent and creative decision-making skills, often with global perspective.

The experience of executive education at Ahmedabad University is built on active and engaged learning methodologies, such as case studies, simulations, behavioural labs, Socratic methods, live projects, et al. At Ahmedabad University, participants interact with stellar faculty of global repute, both in group settings as well as in one-on-one mentorship contexts. Furthermore, peer interactions and networking are often curated to elevate participants to their next level of development and perspectives. The insights and frameworks that the participants take away, often significantly impacts performance of the organisations they work for and drive growth.

Degree programmes at Ahmedabad University for working professionals are designed to advance participants’ leadership skills and competencies so that they can fast track their careers by creating an impact in their industry.

Major benefits of Ahmedabad University’s Executive Education Programmes for organizations are:

  • Focused approach to specific strategic issues that lead to business impact
  • Effective cross functional alignment within the organisation
  • Learnings that can be directly applied to the workplace
  • Improved leadership culture and strong internal networks
  • Enhanced organisational relevance
  • Sharper strategic thinking and translation into action
  • Reinforcement of shared vision, mission and goals
  • Meaningful connections between participants and enhanced networking
  • Improved employee retention
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