University Lecture Series by Dr Kalpana Viswanat Co-Founder & CEO, SafetiPin

University Lecture Series by Dr Kalpana Viswanat Co-Founder & CEO, SafetiPin
May 21, 2019 2:30 PM Ahmedabad University, Room 005, GICT Building, Central Campus Events

Abstract: This talk will focus on how cities have traditionally been built without taking into consideration women's experiences. Using the tool of the safety audit, Safetipin a technology platform has been mapping cities for safety and gender friendly parameters for over five years. The methodology helps urban stakeholders take decisions about how to improve public spaces in cities. Safetipin has been used in cities around India and other developing countries to bring about change and encourage women to be more mobile and access opportunities in cities. The talk will share the experience of how the tool has been used in different cities and the kinds of changes and impacts that can be brought about by using data to build evidence.

Speaker: Dr Kalpana Viswanath, Co-Founder & CEO, SafetiPin, a social enterprise that works on making cities and public spaces more gender friendly and safe for all. She has worked on issues of gender and urbanisation for over 20 years with several organisations including UN Women, UN Habitat and Jagori among others, and has led large global projects on women's safety. She writes regularly and has a weekly column in Hindustan Times on urban issues. She is a member of the Advisory Group on Gender Issues at UN Habitat, Chairperson of Jagori and a Board member of the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime. She was part of the committee that prepared a report on Women's Safety in Delhi for the city government.



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