Mahabalipuram: Unfinished Poem in Stone

Mahabalipuram: Unfinished Poem in Stone
Mar 14, 2018 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Auditorium, GICT Building Events

Mahabalipuram, a world heritage site, holds an important place in the art history of India. Its temples and sculptures are not only some of the earliest in this region but also significant in variety and elegance. The entire gamut of temple architecture you can see within walking distance; the cave-temples, the monoliths, structural temples, and open-air bas-reliefs, making it a one-stop destination for the Pallava art. In this talk, Professor Swaminathan explored the characteristics of sculptures, the softness and suppleness of their modelling, and its influence and spread towards the East.

Professor Swaminathan has been teaching Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi for more than 30 years. Professor Swaminathan believes that at the core of engineering are mathematics, physics and mechanics. He has attempted teaching engineering from a basic angle using a number of experiments. In Professor Swaminathan's view, the thrust of a science and technology establishment should be towards helping the ‘poorest of the poor’. His research and development activities were primarily in this direction. Professor Swaminathan is also a social activist and participates in socially relevant projects. He has worked at Centre for Rural Development in IIT Madras, Bharath Gyan Vigyan Samithy, Delhi as the National Coordinator for Watershed Development, and Integrated Rural Technology Centre, Palakkad, Kerala.


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