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Keynote Address by Pratap Bhanu Mehta

Keynote Address by Pratap Bhanu Mehta
September 23, 2016 Exhibition Hall, GICT Building External Relations

Ahmedabad University and British Council organised first of its kind symposium Conversations on Governance and the Culture of Learning in Indian Higher Education as part of E-QUAL on Friday, 23rd September, 2016 at SEAS. This symposium brought some of the best names from education sector as well as government sector in India together to engage in deep and engaging conversations around the topic of each session. To name few of the participants: Geoff Wain - British Deputy High Commission, Ahmedabad, Apoorvanand - Delhi University, Sanjay BP - University of Hyderabad, Partha Chatterjee - Nadar University, Supriya Chaudhuri - Jadavpur University, Satish Deshpande - Delhi School of Economics, Naushad Forbes - CII & Forbes Marshall, Surinder Jaswal - TISS Mumbai, Pratap Bhanu Mehta - Centre for Policy Research,  Janaki Nair - JNU, Pushkar - BITS Pilani, Goa, Furqan Qamar - AIU, Raghu Rangarajan - Physical Research Laboratory,  S Ramaswamy - inStem, Gopa Sabharwal - Nalanda University,  Anup K Singh - Nirma University,  Tridip Suhrud - Sabarmati Ashram Preservation & Memorial Trust, Ashok Thakur - MHRD, RC Tripathi - National Fellow ICSSR & Former Professor, NV Varghese - NEUPA, Pradyumna Vyas - NID, Ganapati D Yadav - Institute of Chemical Technology etc.

The day long conversation was to understand the challenges and possible opportunities for building a culture of excellence in our learning environment and approaches to improve governance of educational institutions. Titles covered through the day's proceedings were:

I.The Regulator & the Institution Divide

II. The Governance and Structure of the University: Constraining or Enabling?

III. Building a Culture of Learning

IV. What should our students learn? Skills versus Broad Education and their Respective Challenges.