In conversation with Dr Raghuveer Chaudhari

In conversation with Dr Raghuveer Chaudhari
Sep 27, 2017 3:00 PM Exhibition Hall, GICT Building Student Life

Dr Raghuveer Chaudhari, novelist, poet, and critic from Gujarat, was in conversation with Professor Apoorvanand, Professor of Hindi, Delhi University in the first 'The Nalanda' session of 2017. They discussed the theme, 'Society, Education, and Literature'. Dr Chaudhari shared his experiences from becoming a literary persona within the transitions in a newly independent nation to the making of a neo-urbanized society. He interacted with the students on how literature and society evolved within each other, and how society both preserves and critiques the “kahani-tatva” or the essence of the fundamental values of storytelling, educating, and enlightening new perceptions of truth generations after generations. 


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