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Food Fest (SEAS)

Food Fest (SEAS)
March 12, 2016 School of Engineering and Applied Science, Parking Area Events

As amazing as the Food Fest – FOOD­A­HOLIC EPICURE ’15 at SEAS last year, this year it was no exception! It was a memorable outcome brought by the participating students and the organizing committee of SEAS. The theme of the event this year was “Experiments with Stuff” and  each  of  the  participating  team innovated  their own  dishes  and  presented  them  in a magnificent way. The evening was made mesmerising by the live performance of music band. Not  only  did  the  students  prepare  the  dishes  but  a  great  level  of  enthusiasm  was  shown  by applying  different  marketing  strategies  too!  The  festival  was  open  for  all  and  it  witnessed  a crowd of approximately 700­800 people.