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Dynamos 2016

Dynamos 2016
February 05, 2016 School of Engineering and Applied Science Sports

Dynamos is the annual sports of School of Engineering and Applied Science. This year Dynamos was organized from 5th of February to 7th February 2016. Many Different sports events were played during these 3 days and a lot of students as well as faculty participated in it. The Main Events were Cricket, Football, Volleyball and Endurance Run.

On the opening day "Tug of War" was played. On 6th February, SEAS organized its first ever half marathon. About 200 Students participated in it along with faculty members.  In  Cricket,  Football  and Volleyball, teams were formed  by managers. Auctions  were  held  for  every  sport.  About  350  students  participated  in  these sports. The winning teams were given Medals and Trophies.

There  was  a special  Farewell  Match  organized  were  in  the  final  year students played  cricket  against  the staff.  The  final  year students’  team  won  the  match. Farewell Matches were also organized for volleyball and football.

On the second day students took part in athletic events like 100m (boys and girls), 200 m (boys and girls), 400m Boys, 400 m relay Boys, Stand Jump(Boys and Girls), 400 m mix relay and Shot Put (Boys and girls).

Many other fun sports like Slow Cycling, Kabbadi, Throw Ball and Kho?Kho were played. Compared to last year, more number of students took part in this event. Winners were given medals and managers were given Trophies.