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March 31, 2017 Division of Biological and Life Sciences Workshops

Chiasma 2017, a workshop conducted by the students of iMSc for the student community across the state of Gujarat, was organised from to create awareness among students about various advanced tools and techniques currently used in the field of biological research. Four workshops (Mystery Behind Red Gold, Decoding Life, Biology Through Lens, Biomolecules on Fingertips) were conducted in this event, spanning over a period of three days that allowed an opportunity for students to register for a maximum of three workshops. This event showcased the state-of-the-art instruments available at the Division of Biological and Life Sciences (DBLS). More importantly, it showcased the ability of the undergraduate students of DBLS to operate these instruments and demonstrate their skills to their counterparts at other institutes across Gujarat. Most of these instruments are not even accessible to masters and PhD students at some of the best institutes in India. The workshop saw the participation of undergraduate and postgraduate students from various colleges and universities across Ahmedabad and Gujarat such as Xavier’s College, M.S. University, Ganpat University, IIAR and Gujarat University. DBLS with its commitment to student learning and skill development is creating a new culture in the country by involving undergraduate students very early in the research and development and focusing on their skill development. It emphasises the do-learn pedagogy of Ahmedabad University and its endeavour to provide the best undergraduate research experience to its students.