Call For Abstracts: International Conference on Heritage Management Education and Practice

Call For Abstracts: International Conference on Heritage Management Education and Practice
May 15, 2018 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM Centre for Heritage Management Events

The first edition of the International Conference Series on Heritage Management Education and Practice took place in July 2017 with the key theme of ‘Exploring Connections across Disciplines and Stakeholders’. About 60 presentations featured in the conference as well as the plenary sessions explored the possibilities of connections across disciplines and stakeholders. The conference delegates representing 12 countries and diverse disciplines including architecture, conservation, history, cultural studies, museums, crafts, disaster risk management, and so on. The inaugural conference in July 2017 successfully brought together synergies from stakeholders from various disciplines and practice areas and ushered towards the theme for the second edition, that is to promote integrated approaches across disciplines and beyond the thematic binaries. In the upcoming 2018 conference, we seek to articulate and celebrate integrated approaches in both theories and practices.

In the second edition of this conference in 2018, we would like to explore the gaps in our efforts of connecting disciplines and stakeholders and suggest ways to bridge these gaps. We call for abstracts reflecting on research, practices, pedagogy, and case studies on the success stories as well as critical inquiries to highlight ways of integrating diverse aspects of heritage, diverse stakeholders, and bridging the gaps in heritage management practices.

For further details and online submission of abstracts, visit the conference page

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