10th Foundation Day 2019

10th Foundation Day 2019
Feb 26, 2019 5:30 pm University Auditorium Events

This year’s Foundation Day was special as Ahmedabad University celebrated 10 years of its founding, while the city of Ahmedabad, celebrated over 6 centuries of its existence. 26th February 2019 marked the beginning of a yearlong reflection and celebration of the University’s past and development of its strategy for the next decade.

The evening began with the Vice Chancellor, Professor Pankaj Chandra taking the entire audience through the journey of the University in the last decade. He showcased pictorially, the various small and key moments in the development of the University thus far. Following Professor Chandra’s presentation, Prafull Anubhai, who is part of the Board of Governors and was the first Chairman of the Board of Management, also reminisced over how the University evolved through 10 years of operations and how right from the beginning, the founders had laid emphasis on liberal education, which is finally coming into fruition in the forthcoming academic year.

The highpoint of the evening was a panel discussion on 'Learning from the Arts' with Aneesh Pradhan, Arundhati Nag, Gulammohammed Sheikh, Ranjit Hoskote, and Shubha Mudgal. Each of them shared how they came to choose and be the artists and accomplishers they were and the influencing forces and people who enabled and empowered their choices.

Ahmedabad University also gave away achievement awards for outstanding contribution to members of the university community. Two Professors received the Best Teacher Award:  Abrar Ali Saiyed and Jaina Mehta; the Best Researcher Award went to Professor Dhaval Patel and Ms. Kalpana Pareek bagged the award for Institution Building. Two student clubs, The Management Club and Photography Club were also awarded certificates to recognise their efforts and contributions. The evening ended with a vote of thanks by the Registrar, Mr. B.M.Shah.


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