Covid - 19 Update

News and Information for Ahmedabad University Community


July 10, 2022: With the rising number of covid cases in Ahmedabad as well as on our Campus recently, wearing a mask, especially when meeting in groups, is mandatory on the campus with immediate effect. It is also advised to sanitise your hands regularly.

May 03, 2022: With a couple of COVID cases reported on the Campus last week, we once again advise all employees to follow COVID protocols and COVID-appropriate behaviour on the Campus. Please wear a mask, maintain social distancing and sanitise your hands regularly. In this context, we have also revised our University quarantine policy and the same is attached herewith for your reference.

Also, if you are eligible for a precaution dose, we advise you to immediately get inoculated again for better protection from the virus.

You may reach out to Campus Operations for any assistance.
Please follow the University Quarantine Policy for Covid:

  • Please get yourself tested immediately if you develop any Covid symptoms and share the report with the Director, Campus Operations, and the HR help desk in case you test positive.
  • If you test positive, quarantine yourself at home till you recover fully. Please submit a negative RT PCR test report before returning to the Campus.
  • In addition to the above, contact tracing will be carried out by Campus Operations. Please share the names of the people you were in direct close contact with on the campus within the last 72 hours. All the individuals, who come in direct close contact with a Covid-positive person should self-quarantine at home for 3 days. Please get the RT PCR test done if there are any symptoms and submit the report to the Director, Campus Operations, and the HR help desk before resuming work from the Campus. If there are no symptoms during the 3-day period, employees can come to the campus for work.
  • If any of your family members at home tests positive for Covid, you should inform Campus Operations immediately. Please take necessary precautions and self-quarantine for 3 days to monitor your health. If there are any symptoms, please get yourself tested and resume work from the Campus in case the report is negative. Please follow the guidelines mentioned above if the report is positive.
  • Domestic and international travellers will not be required to quarantine after arriving in Ahmedabad, if they are fully vaccinated and have no Covid symptoms.

The above policies will change in the future as per the government’s guidelines and policies. For any further queries and assistance, please email the Director, Campus Operations, on the ID given below.

Please send all reports to the following contacts.
Colonel Vinit Menon - Director, Campus Operations, email - [email protected]
HR help desk - [email protected]

March 03, 2022: It has been a challenging period for education, but we now see the situation gradually settling down, and with that confidence, we have opened up the Ahmedabad University Campus and the Residences for our students again. Getting back into a healthy and rigorous study routine comes based on a thorough review of the situation by the University Covid Committee and its implementation.

The University has been proactive in reorienting its Campus and Residences for Covid appropriate usage. You will observe hands free sanitisers, push taps and sensor activated soap dispensers, UV and virus eliminator fans, and a digital face scan system installed in required areas.

The University also follows the culture of self declaration to keep the premises safe and endeavours to keep its learning as a personal and offline process, both possible only with your support.

Preventive Measures

  • Students from outside the city are to self isolate for three days and to join the Campus if they experience no symptoms. Students travelling from out of India are to self isolate for seven days and to take a mandatory RT PCR test on the 8th day before joining.
  • Entry for only double vaccinated students, staff and faculty. Wearing of masks is mandatory inside the campus at all times.
  • Sanitisation of the premises, especially of frequently touched surfaces, happens at regular intervals.
  • Washrooms have been reoriented towards Covid appropriate usage; push taps and sensor hand dryers are installed in all washrooms.
  • UV and virus eliminator fans are installed in select classrooms with larger seating capacities.

Protocol for Covid Positives

  • Any Covid positive information from the staff, the faculty or the students is shared with all those who came in direct contact with the person and the mandatory protocol is followed.
  • The University doctor is on SOS call for all students, staff and faculty for any medical advice or counselling.

Preventive Measures

  • Only double vaccinated students are allowed into the University Residences.
  • Parents can enter by providing a 48-hours prior negative RT PCR test report in case they are single vaccinated and wish to go to the rooms during move ins.
  • No other visitors are allowed till further notice.
  • The fingerprint based biometric access control security has been disabled and a digital face scan system has been activated to provide contactless security.

Protocol for Suspected Covid or Covid Positives

  • In case of any resident feeling unwell or showing any symptoms of Covid, he/ she must immediately inform the Residence Manager.
  • Suspected Covid patients will be isolated in a separate room in the hostel/hotel, and appropriate Covid protocol will be followed.
  • In case the Covid test is positive, the Residence Warden will immediately inform their parents/guardian as well as other residents and the Amdavad Municipal Corporation (AMC), and will consult a doctor for either isolation or hospitalisation, and medication.

Please be assured that while the pandemic takes its own course we are ready with all possible precautionary and corrective measures to handle the situation. We are earnestly looking forward to having all our students on Campus very soon.

February 07, 2022: In light of the recent notification from the Government of Gujarat, we are resuming teaching at regular pace on Campus from Wednesday, February 9. While out-of-town students make travel arrangements, the hybrid option will continue till February 13. If extenuating circumstances prevent you from attending classes on Campus beyond February 14, please get in touch with the Registrar immediately and seek permission for the same.

The revised academic calendar, including the examination schedule, will be intimated to you all very soon.

January 26, 2022: The pandemic might take some more time to ease out. We have decided to continue in a hybrid learning mode, permitting students to be offline or online as may be convenient and comfortable, until February 13, 2022.

We want to reiterate that the safety of human lives at the Campus is of prime importance. Our team has been making all the efforts for the health and wellbeing of the students. We have been carrying out regular testing of students at the students’ housing including providing health care facilities wherever needed. So one need not worry about being on Campus or at the Residences.

Addressing the concerns of some of you about the summer internship, please note that a clear eight weeks’ period will be provided for the same from the last date of examination, mostly in the months of June and July 2022.

January 03, 2022: In view of the current situation, we have decided to continue in hybrid mode for two weeks from the commencement of the semester. Thereafter, we will review the situation on a weekly basis.

Students will be able to exercise their option on AURIS from January 6, 2022.

Students are advised to take a vaccine if not taken so far, for attending the classes on Campus. The Government is planning to organise vaccination camps from January 7, 2022, as part of the mega drive for vaccination for students aged 15 to 18 years. 

November 24, 2021: Based on the concerns raised by a few students, we would like to clarify that the end semester exams will be taken on Campus and not online.
If the students who are attending classes online during the Monsoon semester have concerns about travelling to Ahmedabad just for the examinations in December, they will get a second chance to appear for the exams in the beginning of the Winter semester.

Still, if any student who has been online for the entire semester has any hardship or concerns about appearing for exams in December, s/he can apply for an additional chance through the make up exams to be held in January 2022. For this a link will be opened in AURIS on Friday. The student will have to provide justifications for the same with evidence.

Please note that this option is not available to those students who have been on Campus even for a part of the Monsoon Semester unless there is a compelling reason.

August 24, 2021: The end semester (Monsoon) examinations will be taken on Campus, and not online. The examination schedule will be as per the academic calendar. However, if the students who are attending classes online during the Monsoon semester have concerns about travelling to Ahmedabad just for the examinations in December, we will offer them a second chance to appear for the exams in the beginning of the Winter semester.

July 20, 2021: All returning students, please note that the Monsoon semester will commence on August 16, 2021.

We have also decided to open the Campus given the relaxations from the Government subject to the following:

  • Only those students who have taken both doses of the vaccine will be allowed to enter the Campus. The eligibility will be a week after the second dose.
  • Students attending classes on Campus will have to follow the SOPs that will be shared very soon.
  • Students who have indicated their preference for University Residences will have to fill in the form and pay a deposit immediately. They will receive communication today from the Director, Office of Student Housing and Residential Life.
  • Students who have taken the first dose will be able to attend after a week from taking the second dose.
  • It is not mandatory to attend classes on Campus. The online option will continue throughout the semester, even for those who have opted to be offline.
  • The decision on examinations will be taken at the appropriate time.

Those who wish to attend in person should upload the final certificate of their vaccine on the AURIS Dashboard from tomorrow. Students whose second dose is due before August 10, 2022, and are going to take it, should also confirm if they wish to attend classes on Campus. Students may upload the final certificate when the second dose is taken.

Those who wish to remain online should also indicate the same on AURIS.

May 18, 2021: Since March 2020, we have been facing uncertainty and trying to adjust to the changes around us. We, at Ahmedabad University, are concerned with your wellbeing and safety. We know that each of us has to take the utmost care to be safe for ourselves and our families.
As we all know, there is an increasing number of positives everywhere, including within the University community. There have been a few families that have faced severe crises. We express our sympathy to all such families.

We are also aware that this second phase of the pandemic has impacted the income flow of many households, imbalancing their financial strengths. As such we have decided not to increase the fees this year. In addition, we have also decided to extend financial assistance in the form of instalments and fee waivers in deserving cases as provided for the last two semesters.

We are also collecting data on Covid transmission within the University. We request you to please provide relevant information at this link.

For any update or query solely in this matter, please write to the Registrar at [email protected]

This email address is not to be used for any other concern or query.

Finally, we would like to urge each of you to register for vaccination at the earliest for the safety of yourself, your family, fellow students, and the staff. This will help us prepare for the on-Campus activities as soon as normalcy is restored. With your support, this may be possible from the Monsoon semester.

December 14, 2020: We have been receiving inquiries from the students about the possibility of opening the Campus for the Winter semester.

With the present Covid spread, the plan is to have the entire Winter semester online. If the situation improves substantially and Government authorities permit opening of the Campus, we may plan for physical classes keeping in view the guidelines applicable at that time.

Even if the Campus opens fully or partially for physical classes, those who wish to continue online may attend the entire Winter semester online. All supporting arrangements will be made for them appropriately.

November 21, 2020: As we all know, the present Covid situation in the city is quite worrisome. Due to the surge in cases, the medical system is under pressure.

Though our team at the Office of Dean of Students (ODS) and Dr Gayatri Raval, assisted by the Campus Administration, have been trying their best to support medical emergencies for the staff and their families, it is observed that the services may not reach everyone in time. To augment the support system, we are tying up with a few Covid hospitals, adding a couple of more doctors to our panel to offer consultancy, and setting up basic facilities at the Campus.

Meanwhile, we urge everyone to be patient, extend all possible cooperation to the team and help manage the crisis in the best possible ways. It is pertinent to note that each one of us has to take this situation very seriously, avoid face to face contact with others, resort to online shopping, practise regular sanitisation and, of course, mask up appropriately. As informed separately, we have decided to close the Campus for the next 10 days to arrest the infection trend within the University.

Appreciating the constraints we face, let us be more responsive and respectful to the internal warriors who have been risking themselves to help others.

We once again urge all of you to report to the Wellness team ([email protected]), University doctor ([email protected]), and Director, Campus Operations ([email protected]) about any Covid-related illness in your family. Please also report if you have travelled or plan to travel out of state.

And, lastly, a special request. If any of your immediate family members or other relatives is a doctor who can connect with us to be on our panel for offering consultancy on Covid, kindly send the details to us immediately. This will be a great support to our team as well as to Dr Raval.

November 20, 2020: In light of the recent surge in Covid cases in the city and on our Campus, the University has decided to close down the Campus from tomorrow until November 30, 2020. We advise all employees to work from home during this period and come to the Campus only for urgent work. Please continue to provide normal services to the Schools and the Centres to carry out exams smoothly. As was done earlier, please write to the Director, Campus Operations, to obtain special permission to visit the Campus during this period.

Once again, you are requested to fully comply with the attached guidelines to protect yourself and your family and prevent the spread of this deadly virus on the Campus.

August 4, 2020: Welcome back to the University! Normally, we would have met you at the gate and in the buildings and the cafeteria and on the fields but this is an unprecedented year. All of us have been under severe stress and under immense fear. Some of the members of our community have suffered personal loses and our heart goes out for them and their families. Collectively, we have the spirit to fight these challenges, howsoever, complex to understand or to deal with. Humankind’s ability to bounce back amongst greatest of crisis is well known. And it is there to see. Your starting to attend the university today and your Professors’ strong resolve to engage with your learning, and the Staff’s persistence in ensuring that systems work for you is a testimony to our indomitable spirit. 

I wish you to study well, make the most of this situation, focus on what is essential, and remember that this too shall pass! You are a generation that has seen the worst crisis of the times (perhaps of any kind in our recent history) – learn from it philosophically, learn lessons that will make you courageous, and learn with humility on how we all should live our lives especially when this darkness lifts. The University is behind you every step of the way and we all will work harder to ensure that you come out a better learner, a better citizen, and a better human being. There are many who are not so resourced or privileged amongst you and also in the larger society – work with them, support them in these times, and collectively we will succeed. Your professors have redesigned their courses this summer. All our activities, except for those that require physical infrastructure are all being redesigned to make your experience as meaningful as possible.  

We hope to bring you back on the campus as soon as it becomes safe. Remain in touch with your advisors and all of us. 

June 1, 2020: We could bootstrap and finish the Winter Semester 2020 online in early May with a very strong commitment from the Ahmedabad University community – our students, staff and faculty. You showed what is the meaning of managing in a crisis and what an outcome oriented learning is all about. The answer to this crisis was empathy and innovation. So, I doff my hat to all of you while my heart goes out to those families across the country that have been affected by this pandemic including some near and dear ones of our own community. We stand with you and in silence to mourn your loss.

Our Summer Term Started today online giving all an opportunity to remain engaged with Ahmedabad learning. To our students, this is an opportunity to catch up and complete a few more credits in case you are not doing internship. 

We have been working with our graduands. This is a tough year for those of you who have just completed all your graduation requirements. My message to you is that there may be delay in some cases but sooner or later your aspirations will come true. Look for a meaningful engagement that will add value and that will give you a sense of purpose. In these times of crisis, there are many who need our help. You are well skilled to provide it and remember, all will know that your lives were disrupted because of events outside your control and will value any social engagement that you do to make lives of others better. Ahmedabad stands with you at this juncture – our Career Development Centre will support you all the way through. They are helping create connects for you. There is another opportunity that we are working for you. Instead of waiting at home, it would be very useful for you to pick up a new specialization or skill or build a new perspective so that when the darkness lifts you are shining the most with you efforts and new capabilities. We are working to develop new Certificate/Post-Graduate  programmes and Minors for you so that you can remain at the University till you find an opportunity that helps you build a future. And build new skills for the kind of work that will be most sought after once this pandemic gets over. And it surely will. Please watch the announcements from the University in this area. 

My best wishes to you all and stay at home and remain safe. 

Pankaj Chandra


Ahmedabad University is committed to supporting applicants for admission during the exceptional situation of the CoronaVirus pandemic.

To ensure the safety of everyone, we will be managing all Admissions processes remotely during the period of the national lockdown that was announced from March 25, 2020, The following systems have been put in place:

  • We will be allowing for possible delays in the announcement of Class 12 results. Accordingly, we may announce details specific to various Boards from time to time.
  • Students are to apply with Class 10 and Class 11 marksheets/gradesheets, and will be provided a window of time to add their Class 12 results later. Those who are yet to submit their application should apply without further delay.
  • Personal Interactions will be conducted using online meeting tools only.
  • We continue to accept applications through all Boards recognized by us and will be closely monitoring evaluation processes followed by each Board this year, in order to ensure equivalence.
  • We are remotely available on email and telephone, throughout the period of the lockdown.

There is currently no change in our application process, selection methodology or in the Admissions calendar. However, please be alert for notices on the website regarding changes in the process or timelines, as circumstances evolve.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid  

March 24, 2020: Online resources from Ahmedabad University with health information and guidance, as well as links for teaching, learning, research and outreach during the coronavirus pandemic.

March 24, 2020: Since the last one week, there have been several experiments with online classes. Starting today instructions at the University are back on their regular timetable through distance education. 

March 23, 2020: All faculty and staff at the University are now working from home. The University is under lockdown till further notice. Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions process is underway and is now being done online. Please see the Admissions pages on this website.

March 17, 2020: Ahmedabad University has uploaded FAQs on AURIS for the University community.

March 15, 2020: Statement of Vice Chancellor, Professor Pankaj Chandra

As the world deals with an unprecedented health emergency, our heart goes out to all those individuals in our country and around the globe who have been affected. As of date, Gujarat has not seen any incidence of Coronavirus but we must prepare for such an eventuality in this inter-connected world.  Ahmedabad University has been monitoring the situation very closely and we have been creating awareness in our community, providing necessary hygiene training and material, and strongly recommending social distancing.

We are committed to the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Today, as a preventive measure, we have decided to suspend all classes, student related activities and all convening at the University from March 16, 2020 to March 29, 2020.

All employees and visitors to the University will go through mandatory thermal screening at our University gates. We urge everyone to keep washing hands with soap, practice social distancing, and avoid travel and large gatherings. Please seek medical help if you or anyone who you know shows any symptoms of coronavirus.

To our students and parents, please rest assured that we will work with you to manage the challenges that this situation poses to us and to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. You can help us by following safe practices. We will be posting on AURIS more information in the next 48 hours on processes that we are putting in place to manage our academic and other needs. To our students, we strongly recommend that you use the next two weeks productively and remain engaged with your learning and in supporting the needs of the society at this time.

Please keep checking the University website and AURIS for updates.