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Covid - 19 Update

News and Information for Ahmedabad University Community

August 4, 2020: Welcome back to the University! Normally, we would have met you at the gate and in the buildings and the cafeteria and on the fields but this is an unprecedented year. All of us have been under severe stress and under immense fear. Some of the members of our community have suffered personal loses and our heart goes out for them and their families. Collectively, we have the spirit to fight these challenges, howsoever, complex to understand or to deal with. Humankind’s ability to bounce back amongst greatest of crisis is well known. And it is there to see. Your starting to attend the university today and your Professors’ strong resolve to engage with your learning, and the Staff’s persistence in ensuring that systems work for you is a testimony to our indomitable spirit. 

I wish you to study well, make the most of this situation, focus on what is essential, and remember that this too shall pass! You are a generation that has seen the worst crisis of the times (perhaps of any kind in our recent history) – learn from it philosophically, learn lessons that will make you courageous, and learn with humility on how we all should live our lives especially when this darkness lifts. The University is behind you every step of the way and we all will work harder to ensure that you come out a better learner, a better citizen, and a better human being. There are many who are not so resourced or privileged amongst you and also in the larger society – work with them, support them in these times, and collectively we will succeed. Your professors have redesigned their courses this summer. All our activities, except for those that require physical infrastructure are all being redesigned to make your experience as meaningful as possible.  

We hope to bring you back on the campus as soon as it becomes safe. Remain in touch with your advisors and all of us. 

Pankaj Chandra 

June 1, 2020: We could bootstrap and finish the Winter Semester 2020 online in early May with a very strong commitment from the Ahmedabad University community – our students, staff and faculty. You showed what is the meaning of managing in a crisis and what an outcome oriented learning is all about. The answer to this crisis was empathy and innovation. So, I doff my hat to all of you while my heart goes out to those families across the country that have been affected by this pandemic including some near and dear ones of our own community. We stand with you and in silence to mourn your loss.

Our Summer Term Started today online giving all an opportunity to remain engaged with Ahmedabad learning. To our students, this is an opportunity to catch up and complete a few more credits in case you are not doing internship. 

We have been working with our graduands. This is a tough year for those of you who have just completed all your graduation requirements. My message to you is that there may be delay in some cases but sooner or later your aspirations will come true. Look for a meaningful engagement that will add value and that will give you a sense of purpose. In these times of crisis, there are many who need our help. You are well skilled to provide it and remember, all will know that your lives were disrupted because of events outside your control and will value any social engagement that you do to make lives of others better. Ahmedabad stands with you at this juncture – our Career Development Centre will support you all the way through. They are helping create connects for you. There is another opportunity that we are working for you. Instead of waiting at home, it would be very useful for you to pick up a new specialization or skill or build a new perspective so that when the darkness lifts you are shining the most with you efforts and new capabilities. We are working to develop new Certificate/Post-Graduate  programmes and Minors for you so that you can remain at the University till you find an opportunity that helps you build a future. And build new skills for the kind of work that will be most sought after once this pandemic gets over. And it surely will. Please watch the announcements from the University in this area. 

My best wishes to you all and stay at home and remain safe. 

Pankaj Chandra


Ahmedabad University is committed to supporting applicants for admission during the exceptional situation of the CoronaVirus pandemic.

To ensure the safety of everyone, we will be managing all Admissions processes remotely during the period of the national lockdown that was announced from March 25, 2020, The following systems have been put in place:

  • We will be allowing for possible delays in the announcement of Class 12 results. Accordingly, we may announce details specific to various Boards from time to time.
  • Students are to apply with Class 10 and Class 11 marksheets/gradesheets, and will be provided a window of time to add their Class 12 results later. Those who are yet to submit their application should apply without further delay.
  • Personal Interactions will be conducted using online meeting tools only.
  • We continue to accept applications through all Boards recognized by us and will be closely monitoring evaluation processes followed by each Board this year, in order to ensure equivalence.
  • We are remotely available on email and telephone, throughout the period of the lockdown.

There is currently no change in our application process, selection methodology or in the Admissions calendar. However, please be alert for notices on the website regarding changes in the process or timelines, as circumstances evolve.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid  

March 24, 2020: Online resources from Ahmedabad University with health information and guidance, as well as links for teaching, learning, research and outreach during the coronavirus pandemic.

March 24, 2020: Since the last one week, there have been several experiments with online classes. Starting today instructions at the University are back on their regular timetable through distance education. 

March 23, 2020: All faculty and staff at the University are now working from home. The University is under lockdown till further notice. Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions process is underway and is now being done online. Please see the Admissions pages on this website.

March 17, 2020: Ahmedabad University has uploaded FAQs on AURIS for the University community.

March 15, 2020: Statement of Vice Chancellor, Professor Pankaj Chandra

As the world deals with an unprecedented health emergency, our heart goes out to all those individuals in our country and around the globe who have been affected. As of date, Gujarat has not seen any incidence of Coronavirus but we must prepare for such an eventuality in this inter-connected world.  Ahmedabad University has been monitoring the situation very closely and we have been creating awareness in our community, providing necessary hygiene training and material, and strongly recommending social distancing.

 We are committed to the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Today, as a preventive measure, we have decided to suspend all classes, student related activities and all convening at the University from March 16, 2020 to March 29, 2020.

 All employees and visitors to the University will go through mandatory thermal screening at our University gates. We urge everyone to keep washing hands with soap, practice social distancing, and avoid travel and large gatherings. Please seek medical help if you or anyone who you know shows any symptoms of coronavirus.

 To our students and parents, please rest assured that we will work with you to manage the challenges that this situation poses to us and to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. You can help us by following safe practices. We will be posting on AURIS more information in the next 48 hours on processes that we are putting in place to manage our academic and other needs. To our students, we strongly recommend that you use the next two weeks productively and remain engaged with your learning and in supporting the needs of the society at this time.

 Please keep checking the University website and AURIS for updates.