Our Master students reclaimed the lost gem of Ahmedabad –The Manek Chowk Fountain on 14th February 2016

The students of Centre for Heritage Management (CHM), Ahmedabad University proclaimed their love for the city of Ahmedabad on the Valentine’s Day by giving back a lost gem of Manek chowk to its people. A symbol of the city’s glorious past, an ornate fountain – which was donated to the city by Rao Bahadur Ranchodlal Chotalal, pioneer of textile industry, was lost in the course of time, and the city had even comfortably forgotten its existence.

A one-day event in collaboration with Gujarat Institute of Civil Engineers and Architects (GICEA) and the students at Centre for Heritage Management, (CHM), Ahmedabad University, together did the installation of the replica of the original fountain at Manek Chowk Square. While the original fountain was long lost and was uprooted from its original location at Manek Chowk, the partial remaining of the fountain was lying idle in the Sanskar Kendra City Museum.

The conscious students of the Master of Management Studies (Heritage Management) course decided to recreate this glorious past for the city’s present citizens. The course which strives to bring management skills to heritage related assets to preserve the priceless glory of the past inspired the students to conceptualize a classroom project to revitalize the square at Manek Chowk by recreating the fountain which was once a hub of life in the Old City.

The idea of reclaiming the lost value of a fountain was given an impetus by the passion and hard work of the students, and became a reality on the Valentine Day, Sunday, February 14, 2016 with the replica of the fountain placed on the same spot where it existed in the past.

Aimed at creating awareness about the lost fountain as well as revitalize the chowk for the current generation, an experience of the history and existence of the fountain was also recreated through an original play, “RANCHHOD RETIYO ANE ENO FUVARO” in the Bhavai format, a traditional Gujarati theatre which will be part of the event.  The play was written by Dr.Chinu Modi and directed by Archan Trivedi about Ranchhodlal Chhotalal’s life.

The event was attended by many renowned citizens of Ahmedabad, to name a few, Gautam Shah (Mayor of Ahmedabad), Pravin Patel (Standing Committee Chairman, AMC), Bijalben Patel (Chairperson of Recreation, Culture and Heritage Committee, AMC), Prakash Varmora (Varmora Group of Companies). The Manek Chowk was a pre-launch event to the Ashapalli festival, which was being organized by GECIA Habitat Conclave.

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