Sair-e-Sarkhej: A heritage walk was organised at Sarkhej Roza where Saif Siddique currently a second-year student at the Centre for Heritage Management, Ahmedabad University, led a small group of enthusiasts to experience the site with water in both the interconnected lakes, the Makarba-Sarkhej system.


The Global Network of Water Museums has launched a youth contest – the Water we Want, from Water Heritage to Water Futures, which invites schools and other institutions working with children and youth from 6 to 18 years. Living Waters Museum, as a member of WAMU-NET, will be the nodal museum for this in India. If your institution would like to participate, please email us at for the detailed Call for Proposals and supporting documents.


Celebrating World Heritage Week: An open invitation for critical dialogue, from Water Heritage to Water Futures, on November 22nd afternoon at the Centre for Heritage Management (Asmita Bhavan, opp HL College, near Commerce Six Roads), as part of Heritage Week. Follow Living waters Museum on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.


We are happy to welcome Raj Maurya undertaking the Masters of Design (photography) from the National Institute of Design, for his graduation project seeking to develop a digital archive on the Sabarmati River and its role in the evolution of Ahmedabad.