Manu BhatnagarAreas of interest: Natural Heritage, Urban Planning and Biodiversity, Regional Landscape

Manu Bhatnagar has done his Masters In Regional Planning from Cornell University, USA. He is currently Principal Advisor, Natural Heritage Division at INTACH. He has expertise in urban planning, urban biodiversity, environment planning, regional landscapes, drawing up lake conservation/ management plans, crafting urban water policy, unconventional wastewater treatment. He is given the role of team Leader for Smart Cities Project for Allahabad and Aligarh cities, His work experience spans over countries like India, Thailand and the United States of America and has completed training assignments in Sri Lanka and Nepal. He is also a visiting faculty member and a thesis guide at School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. Mr Bhatnagar’s wide range of assignments in areas like Micro Area Planning And Infrastructure Development Plan of Area of Tourism Potential, urban infrastructure and riverfront development in Bihar, water resources management in Raipur, Jharkhand and Ahmedabad and eco-tourism development in Nainital etc are have earned him wide reputation. Mr Bhatnagar is a member of the Indian Council of Architecture, Associate Member of Institute of Town Planners, India and Life Member, Indian Association of Aquatic Biologists. He has also published papers in areas like Planning for a Sustainable Resource Base, urban development and natural heritage, among other areas.

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