Asmita Kiran

Asmita Kiran II

27-31 January 2014

The history and culture of a city is best experienced by walking through its streets that have hundreds of years of legacy. To do this meaningfully in a limited time and not lose out on the richness is a challenge. A planned and guided Heritage Walk through the paths of the city’s history makes this possible. A well managed heritage walk with a growing number of visitors will sensitise the […]

Asmita Kiran I: Heritage Walk, 2013

5-9 March 2013

The Centre for Heritage Management at Ahmedabad University held a five-day programme on Heritage Walks from March 5-9, 2013.  Twenty-two participants hailing from 15 different cities across India were part of the programme; equally as diverse were their professions ranging from officials in state tourism offices, to non-profit managers, to music producers, to volunteers.

The programme lent a holistic view to developing heritage walks and […]