It was born out of a recognition that our precious heritage is vanishing before our very eyes under the twin onslaught of urbanisation and industrialisation. This calls for the emergence of a new breed of professional heritage managers who can apply the tools and techniques of management with greater sensitivity to the task of conservation. The Centre has therefore launched a two year Masters Programme in Heritage Management.

Meanwhile the Govt of India have also recognised the need to sensitise policy makers within Govt. on the imperative need to protect our heritage using business management tools. The Centre of Cultural Resource and Training, (CCRT), Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, had joined hands with the Centre for Heritage Management, Ahmedabad University to jointly conducted its first a six day programme at Ahmedabad on : Art, Culture and Heritage: A Management Perspective in January 2015. This unique Course recognized the imperative need to bring the rigor of scientific management techniques to the conservation and restoration of art, culture and heritage. The focus of this programme was squarely on management lessons to be learnt from case studies drawn from a wide variety of experiences in the field.

While the design of the programme and the course content was left to the CHM under the overall supervision of the CCRT, it was decided that the course would be open to the following categories of participants:

  1. Representatives of Govt of India
  2. Representatives of organizations of the Govt of India.viz Zonal Cultural Centre, IGNCA, INTACH and its Chapters etc.
  3. Representatives of State Govts.
  4. Representatives of organizations under the State Govt.
  5. Representatives of local bodies viz Municipal Corporations.
  6. Representatives of bonafide institutions of higher learning
  7. Representatives of NGOs working in the field of Art Culture or Heritage
  8. Private organizations/Cultural institutions with a proven track record of work in the field of Art, Culture and heritage.

Course Objectives:

CCRT and CHM jointly drew up the objectives which this course would seek to achieve. They are as follows:

  • To sensitize the participants about the needs and opportunities of managing arts and cultural heritage resources in India,
  • To familiarize the participants with various ongoing initiatives of arts and heritage management in India,
  • To discuss cases of successful, partially successful or even unsuccessful cases of heritage management to understand the professionalism required on the subject,
  • To generate awareness among the participants about the urgency to take concrete steps towards developing perceptive human resources for heritage management, and
  • To enlighten participants regarding retention of cultural integrity as the key driving concept in the management of arts.

To demonstrate through actual experience the relevance of management as a discipline to key issues of heritage/culture/art planning, organization, control and assessment.

Following courses have been conducted so far: