Vijay Ramchandani
Senior Executive
(Academic Support & Research Projects)

Vijay Ramchandani runs a group called Heritage Initiatives that focuses on Heritage Education and Community Engagement in the process of heritage preservation. For more than two years, he worked with Debashish Nayak to facilitate various community and awareness initiatives including Ahmedabad Heritage Festival, School Forum for Heritage Initiatives, Heritage Clubs and launching Craft Walk of Ahmedabad. He also presented the Case of Study of Ahmedabad at the YOCOCU Conference held at Antwerp. Currently, he is working at Dhal ni Pol, a traditional neighborhood in walled city to encourage the community-driven efforts for heritage preservation.

Vijay worked with Indicorps, a US-based non-profit in Ahmedabad for five years and coordinated a local initiative Volunteer Ahmedabad to promote the spirit of volunteerism and civic responsibility amongst the youth of city. He was also a travel researcher for Gujarat Guide, a prominent guide book for Gujarat.


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