Centre for Heritage Management

“Restoring Heritage : Reclaiming Value”

The Centre for Heritage Management (CHM) at Ahmedabad University is a unique institution in India, specialising in the niche but very significant study of heritage management. Through our research and study, we aim to promote the conservation and management of the invaluable heritage assets of our communities.

India has a rich cultural legacy that includes an astonishingly diverse range of monuments and buildings, community spaces, arts and crafts, traditional dance and music, folklore, cuisine, textiles and ways of life. Even those of these assets that are recognised as precious tend to be neglected in various ways, however. The Centre takes as its goal the education of our generation, and those of the future, in taking responsibility for this culture and protecting and preserving it through professional, specialised management.

Established by Ahmedabad University in 2011, the centre is particularly concerned with the culture of its home city, one of the most historic locations in western India. A bustling, entrepreneurial city that is a hub of commerce and industry, Ahmedabad is also a place of great cultural significance.

Recently designated India’s first World Heritage City by UNESCO, Ahmedabad’s heritage include 57 protected monuments in the walled city per central and state government lists, and a large number of traditional wooden ‘pol’ houses, of which about 10,000 survive now. Its historic places of worship, commerce and cultural spaces continue to be central to the city’s imagination. Its pre-historic heritage may be traced back to five thousand years when the Indus Valley civilization flourished in this region.

The centre is energised by its location to promote and manage heritage assets, particularly through its educational programmes aiming at capacity building for professionals, entrepreneurs, public institutions, and community groups.

The centre currently organizes various public awareness programems throughout the year, such as on World Heritage Day and World Museum Day, as well as several local and regional cultural festivals. It draws upon its wide network of professionals and institutions across the national and international level for various projects, and functions as a resource centre for Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation as well as for other state and municipal organizations. It offers management development programmes for entrepreneurs and organisations. At present, the centre offers three kinds of programmes:

i)A 2-year Master of Management Studies (Heritage Management) programme.

ii) Short term ‘management development programs’ that helps to train professionals and representatives of heritage organizations, craftsmen and volunteers to gain hands-on knowledge and skills on managing different aspects of heritage

iii) Consulting/advising services to government agencies as well as non-governmental organizations to help chart heritage management plans and connect them with relevant resources and expertise to carry out technical works.