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BCom (Professional)

BCom (Professional), is a unique offering which is one of its kind in the western region of India. It is aimed specifically at students who wish to pursue professional courses such as CA, CS, CMA, ACCA, CIMA, CFA and CFP concurrently with their BCom degree.

BCom (Professional) is packed with many enablers to facilitate both the professional course and the pursuance of the Undergraduate Programme. The vast range of subjects offered to the students complement the learning requirement of the professional courses. Students enrolled in this programme can earn up to 27 credits for the article-ship/internship they undergo as part of their professional qualification.

The Choice Based Credit System provides flexibility to the students to choose their course load in each semester which can be a strategic aid during the terms when the students are preparing for professional exams. Additionally, the students can also choose to take a break for a semester or two and come back to finish the degree.   

Thus the BCom (Professional) Programme is a win-win solution for the students who wish to pursue professional courses and manage their undergraduate programme with complete ease, without compromising on the quality of learning. In a nutshell, BCom (Professional) does not compete with but complements the requirements of the professional qualification.