Integrated MBA

Ahmedabad University offers a five year Integrated Masters in Business Administration (iMBA) with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Family Business. The programme relies on Experiential Learning, where students get to choose from a wide range of courses, projects, internships, and international immersion opportunities. Students are awarded with both BBA as well as MBA degree, on completion of the credit requirements specified by the programme.

Students complete the foundation courses in the first year before advancing to higher levels of courses in management leading to specialisation in the area of their choice.  Some of the areas are- Financial Management, Marketing Management, as well as Human Resources Management & Entrepreneurship.

Internships form an integral part of the management programme at Ahmedabad University. Students are exposed to multiple short duration internships every year through the efforts of the Career Development Centre (CDC), which helps with placement at eminent organizations, within and outside Gujarat. The nature of the internships vary, from an NGO internship in the first year to Corporate internship in the year two and three. Ahmedabad University students have been placed with some of the leading NGOs, and business organisations, for example – Elixir Foundation (UNESCO Project), AkshayPatra, Shatayu, Samvedna, Ambuja Cement Foundation, Beardo, CityShor, Amul India, Hyatt Hotel, S&P Global, Compass India, Reliance Retail. The final year students engage themselves in a semester long internship at an organization, which gives them an opportunity to showcase their skills and ability for a longer tenure.

The highlights of the programme are international immersion opportunities, where students get to study at a university abroad for almost a month. Ahmedabad University at present collaborates to offers such opportunities to its students at ESC Rennes in France and Warsaw University in Poland.


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