Undergraduate Programmes

The Undergraduate programme at the Management School includes Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), Bachelor of Commerce Professional (Honours), Bachelor of Business Administration(Honours) and Integrated Master of Business Administration. Our admissions process for all these programmes is holistic, and gauges both academic performance and extra-curricular interests when considering applicants to our diverse, multi-talented student body. The goal of each programme is to support students as they go on to develop well-rounded careers and make active, constructive contributions to their communities.

We expect that an Undergraduate Programme with Honours, which requires academic rigour and includes a comprehensive Foundation Programme as well as an Undergraduate Thesis or a Capstone Project, will take most students four years to complete. At Ahmedabad University, the Undergraduate Programme with Honours requires completion of 120 credits or more (depending on the programme). Students who aim to complete their Programme earlier will require additional courses in each semester including the summer.

An Honours degree, rooted in a liberal education, calls for deep enquiry and perspective building that are highly valued by industry and society. In every sense, such a degree provides a transformational learning experience.

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