Computer Lab

The Computer Centres extend state-of-the-art facilities to all the users. Centralized computing facilities are provided to meet the current and future needs which fulfill the requirement of all academics functions of the institute.

The hardware and software are constantly being upgraded to meet the latest international standards. The computer center is supported by IBM Windows 2012 based server  with multiple Laptops, All-in-One nodes & stand alone PCs with Multi Media Facilities.

The Institute has an Optical Fiber backbone to connect different departments. CAT-6 UTP cables are used for connecting end nodes to their respective desktop level switches. A 24-Port Layer 3 Gigabit stackable switch and 48-port & 24-port 10/100 MBPS stackable D-Link switches have been installed and configured. Different Virtual LANs are logically separated with microscopic level of configuration for each and every active component used in the network. Different VLANs are created in the network for better identification and proper management. WiFi Hot Spots have been installed for Wireless Network and more WiFi hot spots are planned for the future. About 175 nodes and can be presently connected through the LAN.

Printing, scanning, CD & DVD writing facilities are provided to students using the latest of laser printers, network printers & scanner. Licensed softwares like Windows 2012 Server, Windows 7 Professional, MS Office 2010, Prowess, SPSS, Anti Virus etc. have been installed. Various software packages, financial, statistical packages and tools are maintained to facilitate the general computing requirement.

The institute has an advanced intranet which enables students to access faculty course materials, take quizzes, submit assignments and provide feedback.

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