Mayur’s Turnaround : 360 Feedback Not One More Human Resource Process

Siddhartha Saxena
MBA|Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management|20008_AU




Background:  360 feedback process is a performance management tool  for  people to identify the areas where one can improve upon  in leadership and management. The process involves  people whom you work with  giving you anonymous feedback. 360 feedback if used properly can be a good  insight  and helps in people development  and leadership development, but there  are major concerns regarding  the process. Specifically,  where people  who are  not open to feedback and  look at the negatives of the  360 process itself.




Mayur Ranjan was a young achiever  in Nautek*International, with multiple promotions  in short duration, he had climbed the organization's ladder really fast. As part of the  performance management exercise, he was suggested to  undergo   a 360 feedback  process, which he resisted   very sharply, considering the process is useless and  one more HR(Human Resource) term which other people  require rather than him.  The case deals with   what a  young achiever’s resistance  is to get  a feedback, their   assumptions about a process like 360  which makes them  resist it, how they finally undergo the process.  Secondly the case also gives insight  about  how a consultant who is using a performance  development tool like 360 needs to promote it so that people don’t  misinterpret it.


360 feedback, human resource, Process

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