Juggernaut Sports Entertainment Private Limited (A): Formulating The Problem Statement And Research Design

Sujo Thomas


Juggernaut Sports Entertainment Private Limited was envisaging the establishment of 30 turfs across various states in India, each accompanied by a sports merchandise outlet and planned to conduct a detailed market research study for the same. Juggernaut MD (Hemal Shah) took help of post graduate student researchers to understand the feasibility of this project and gave them timeline of 18 months to conduct the market research study. The group of student researchers for the first few months attempted to search for industry data and market data. The student researchers conducted secondary research and in-depth interviews in the first stage of the study and were expected to conduct a survey on a larger scale in the coming months (Total timeline: 2018-2020). Post analysis, the group of students met Hemal to discuss their findings and then later decided to put all their energy towards clearly formulating the research problem statement and research design to eventually facilitate the preliminary market research study. This case is based on the first stage where the research design and the problem statement are formulated. LP diagram has been used to further understand the problem definition from a researcher's perspective.


Problem Statement, Research Design, Juggernaut, sports merchandise

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