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Industry relevant and academically focused research and publications are an important part of the contribution made by a higher education institution to student learning, faculty development and society benefit. Keeping this in mind, research activities at AMSOM aim to encourage faculty members to associate with industry groups, national and international academic institutions and government organisations to produce significant and quality research.

Faculty members at AMSOM participate in national and international conferences, develop proposals for funded projects, publish in nationally and internationally referred peer reviewed journals and are on the editorial and review boards of various journals and research organisations. They are also involved in consulting and company based research.

The institute provides support to faculty members for this purpose through various financial and non-financial measures such as the faculty development allowance, research grants, travel allowances and the possibility of a time off for a targeted research task.  Through a well-equipped computer lab and a central library, faculty members have access to required software and world-class e-resources. The institute also has regular sessions as part of the Research Seminar Series where expert academicians and avid researchers from various areas of management share their research experiences and interact with faculty members. Workshops on the various research methods are organised from time to time.

The institute with support from the university  makes continuous efforts towards partnerships with other universities to scale up the research and publications drive. One such example is the recent agreement with University of Tilburg Netherlands to support a research project on "Innovation and Productivity growth in emerging economies". This project was funded by DFID UK and the study will include 10 emerging economies. Ahmedabad University is one of the partner universities to facilitate the study and jointly produce research papers and reports with University of Tilburg, Netherlands.