Research at the Management School aims to facilitate creative and scholarly faculty engagement with industry, government organisations and other academic institutions in India and around the world, in order to produce original and significant work.

Faculty members participate in academic conferences within the country and abroad; develop proposals for funded projects relevant to their work; publish in peer-reviewed journals of the highest calibre; and occupy positions on the editorial and review boards of a variety of journals and research organisations. They are also involved in consulting, and in cutting-edge company-based research.

For these purposes, the school provides support to faculty through various measures. These include the faculty development allowance, research grants, travel allowances, and a mechanism to request sabbaticals for targeted research tasks. The school’s computer lab and central library give researchers access to world-class resources. Through a Research Seminar Series, the school also conducts sessions for academics to share their research experiences and interact with other experts in management studies. In addition, the university conducts regular workshops on research methods.

Our partnerships with other universities are constantly expanding and scaling up the Management School’s research and publications drive.

For more information about our research facilities, see below.


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