Entrepreneurial MBA

Ahmedabad University conducts the Entrepreneurial-MBA, a 2 year full-time programme under the aegis of the Amrut Mody School of Management (AMSoM) to train and harness the potential of brilliant minds of today and shape them into the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

The curriculum of EMBA programme has been specially designed for aspiring entrepreneurs. It is a master training program to capitalize on entrepreneurial strengths of the participants, family strengths if the participant belongs to family business background and to professionalize a family business to drive high performances while ensuring shareholder loyalty and sustaining healthy family relationships.

To insure the right outcomes through the course curriculum, all the courses have been developed keeping in centre the course philosophy which revolves around three 'R's. I) Rigour II) Relevance III) Relationships.

This philosophy has been kept in heart while designing the entire EMBA curriculum. The courses offer projects and theories that are relevant to the participant's businesses, in a highly rigours manner. The third 'R' is about strengthening the relations of all stakeholders of the program. The provisions are made in each course to provide opportunities to strengthen the relations amongst different stakeholders of the program.

The curriculum is designed to help the next generation entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level. The curriculum focuses on developing a complete understanding of one's own business, confidence to take it ahead and ability to strategize for further growth.

To sum up our philosophy, we're creating job creators, not job-seekers.

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