Global Executive MBA in Pharmaceutical Management

In a recent McKinsey study, the Indian pharmaceuticals market is projected to grow to USD 55 billion by 2020, a level comparable to all developed markets other than the US, Japan and China. India's biotechnology industry comprising bio-pharmaceuticals, bio-services, bio-agriculture, bio-industry and bioinformatics is expected grow at an average growth rate of around 30% a year to reach US$ 100 billion by 2025.

While the pharmaceutical industry’s performance since 2010 has been impressive, it is also facing a period of significant structural shifts. The broader healthcare sector is experiencing discontinuous developments. Manifold rise in public healthcare spending, rising patient awareness, expanding insurance coverage across the income pyramid and the emergence of new hospital formats are exacerbating these shifts. In recent past, industry structure in pharmaceuticals has changed with significant changes in the leader board (four of the top ten players, including the market leader, are new entrants). Over the past 5 years, the distinction between local players and multinational companies has increasingly blurred. Traditional sources of growth are making room for newer ones in patented products, consumer healthcare drugs, biologics, vaccines, and the public health market.

As part of this evolution, there is a need in pharmaceutical organizations to re-define existing practices, introduce new technology and models, and cultivate a performance-driven culture that delivers improved quality of access, care and solutions.

The Global Executive MBA Degree in Pharmaceutical Management is a programme designed to prepare for this transformation.

It is the best of times but also challenging times in the life sciences and pharmaceutical business, with unique opportunities and challenges in discovering, developing, launching, manufacturing, and marketing a promising drug for the global market. Advances in gene sequencing and editing, wearable technologies, and new scientific discoveries offer tremendous potential. It is clear that for market leadership, players in the pharmaceutical industry will need to strengthen several capabilities:

  •     Strategic market orientation to sustain high performance in a globalised arena by assimilating the transformative technology trends
  •     Aligning sales force effectiveness with commercial operations, organisational agility and execution acumen
  •     Strengthening organisational capabilities to be able to manage rising complexity
  •     Collaborating with stakeholders within and outside the industry, and manage their expectations
  •     Leadership skills to stay ahead of the global innovation curve
  •     Focus on value creation and value capture

The Global Executive MBA Degree in Pharmaceutical Management programme is carefully curated to provide insight, planning, and execution skills to turbo-charge participants’ careers by focusing on all the issues above to drive growth.


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